Mtindo Studio

Mtindo Studio is a tailoring factory in northern Uganda that creates employment opportunities for women by working with brands locally and globally to bring their products to life.


Mtindo can partner with your brand to offer:

Mtindo Brand Wholesale

Shop our in-house label, Mtindo Designs, to discover pre-designed African apparel to carry in your retail shop.

White Label Offering

Explore our catalog of pre-designed products that can be branded with your logo or customized with your own printed design.

Private Label Manufacturing

Work with our team to bring your own products to life. We offer everything from pattern-making to samples to rolling out production.


Creating Jobs for Women

By choosing Mtindo Studio, you are helping us unlock employment opportunities for women in Uganda. When a woman is employed she is empowered with the ability to make decisions over her own life and in her community.




Supporting Girls Education

By working with Mtindo, you are helping to support girls education in Uganda through our NGO, Mtindo Academy. Through our academy we equip female youth with the skills, tools, and confidence to access employment in the fashion industry.




We envision a world where communities are transformed because women are employed and empowered.


Want to manufacture with Mtindo? 

We'd love to get connected to learn how we can best partner with your brand to bring your designs to life. 


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