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Mtindo is Ready for Scale in 2024

Mtindo was founded in 2020 by Susan Namirimu and Morgan Ginn. At the start, our mission was simple, empower young women in Uganda to access employment through providing them with the necessary skills, tools, and confidence. Since our launch, we have provided skills training to 100 young women through Mtindo Academy, and directly created employment opportunities for 30 graduates through Mtindo Studio.

Hear from our CEO, Susan Namirmu

Susan shares the progress that Mtindo has made since its founding and provides an update on where Mtindo is headed in 2024.


Over the past four years, our team has perfected our model to prove that our unique hybrid model of both skills training and formal employment can empower the women we work with. We have witnessed and measured the impact created when a woman is empowered through employment. We can tell you the stories of Feddy, Jackie, Mercy, and countless other women who have benefitted from our work. We know what we are doing and we are ready to grow our impact.

Feddy's Journey with Mtindo

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Jackie's Journey with Mtindo

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Mercy's Journey with Mtindo

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As 2023 comes to an end, our team is raising $25,000 to support our growth in 2024. Your gift will support Mtindo in moving to a larger location and to gain more space for our operations. Space isn't just about walls, it's a place of transformation. It's where young women find the skills and confidence to build a better future. It's where artisans create beautiful garments, and it's where we change lives.

Will you join us and make a donation today?

By making a donation, you are supporting Mtindo's growth in 2024 to enroll 80 young women in our vocational training academy. 

Together, we can ensure that women in Uganda have the opportunity to design their own futures!

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$100 - Provide a sewing machine for our classroom


$250 - Unlock life skills training for one woman


$500 - Put two youth through our program



Together, we can create a world where every woman can design her own future!