About Mtindo


/ mm-tin-doe /

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Mtindo is on a mission to unlock employment opportunities for women in Uganda through the building up of the apparel industry


The Problem

60% of working age women in northern Uganda are unemployed. The lack of employment opportunities in the region has trapped communities in poverty resulting in 32% of the northern population living in extreme poverty.

When women are unemployed, whole communities suffer. The apparel industry in Uganda could be a solution for creating jobs but the industry is severely underdeveloped--currently operating at 1/3 of it's potential.



Our Solution

Mtindo is unlocking employment opportunities for women in northern Uganda through the building up of the apparel industry. Mtindo provides access to education for unemployed female youth through our tailoring academy and creates employment in the apparel industry for women through our tailoring factory.

When women are employed they invest 90% of their income back into their families and communities. 


A Holistic Approach to Empowerment


The two parts of our business work hand in hand. The talent built in our academy funnels into our studio and the profits from our studio support the training of more youth in our community.

Mtindo Studio

Mtindo Studio creates dignified employment for women in northern Uganda through the manufacturing of apparel for brands locally and globally

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Mtindo Academy

Mtindo Academy equips unemployed female youth with the necessary skills, tools, and confidence to access employment in the apparel industry through our one- year training program.

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Two Women | One Vision

Co-founders of Mtindo, Susan Namirimu and Morgan Ginn, founded Mtindo out of their mutual passion for women's empowerment and fashion design.

Morgan and Susan have worked together to bring their personal fashion brands to life. Now, they want to invite more women to be a part of Mtindo's impact through our manufacturing offering--helping us create even more jobs for women in Uganda and support girls education.