Empowering female youth to build up the apparel industry in Uganda

Local Tailoring Programs Do Not Work

50% of youth who go through local tailoring programs in Uganda do not find employment after graduating.

The problem is two-fold:

1) Local vocational programs fail to equip students with the necessary skills to find employment.

2) The apparel industry is critically underdeveloped in Uganda, making it hard for tailors to find employment.

Mtindo Academy is Different

100% of our graduates say they feel extremely confident in their ability to find work.

Mtindo Academy is changing the narrative through our training program built on experiential education and confidence-building. Our one-year program is one-third of the time and half the cost in comparison to traditional programs.

Providing a Fast Track to Employment or Entrepreneurship in the Fashion Industry

Susan | Entrepreneur

Susan, a 2020 graduate from Mtindo Academy, decided to start her own tailoring business upon graduation. Today, she is running a successful tailoring shop where she earns a wage to support her and her family.

Vicky | Mtindo Studio Employee

Vicky, a 2020 graduate from Mtindo Academy, was in search for formal employment. After graduating, she was offered an internship at our Mtindo Design Studio which led to a full-time position on our team.

Employment is Empowerment

We know that when a woman is employed she is empowered with the autonomy to make decisions over her own life and in her community. A job gives her the ability to design the future she envisions for herself.

In northern Uganda, we are on a path to boost industry employment by 25% and increase tailors income by 30% by 2023.


Join our Collective Impact

Join our collective impact by signing up for a monthly donation or giving a one time gift today! Mtindo Design Studio will be able to fully support Mtindo Academy by 2023. Until then, we need individuals like yourself to fuel our work with female youth in Gulu, Uganda.

Every gift supports education opportunities for girls in Uganda!

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