Our Story


Two Women | One Vision

Susan and Morgan first met in Gulu, Uganda in 2019. Susan was running her own tailoring shop, and Morgan was at the beginning of starting a sustainable fashion brand. Realizing their shared passion for empowering women through fashion, the two began to work alongside one another to develop their brands.

It wasn't long before the two decided to join forces under one company--realizing their impact would be stronger together.


Two Brands | One Space

By combining forces, Morgan and Susan worked together to create a space where they could develop their sister brands while simultaneously creating meaningful employment for women. Together, they created Mtindo Design Studio where they work side by side to develop their products.

Sister Brands:

Mtindo Designs | Uganda

Mtindo Designs by Susan Namirimu is on a mission to empower Ugandan women through locally made professional apparel.

Vinn | U.S.A.

Vinn by Morgan Ginn brings the 'made in Uganda' experience to the American market. Vinn launches in the United States in Fall 2021.


Two Countries | One Mission

Today, Mtindo Designs is sold throughout Uganda and Vinn is launching in America. The sister brands are united in their mission to create meaningful employment opportunities through their shared design studio. In addition, the profits from both brands support the education of female youth in Uganda through Mtindo Academy.

Susan and Morgan envision a world where every woman has the opportunity to design their own future, and where Uganda is positioned to design its own way forward in fashion.



Inviting More Women Along

We believe that the future of ethical fashion is not one brand, or two brands, but a multitude of brands working together towards a cleaner fashion industry.

Morgan and Susan want to help more women (across Uganda and globally) to launch their fashion brands in an ethical and empowering way. Mtindo Design Studio offers private label manufacturing to brands who want to join in on our collective impact.