Our Brands

Two Women | One Dress

Mtindo Design Studio and Mtindo Academy were born out of a partnership between founders, Susan Namirimu and Morgan Ginn. The two women were simultaneously working to develop their own brands when they met. Choosing collaboration over competition, Susan and Morgan decided to combine their ventures to create a place where they could co-create their brands.

Today, Mtindo Design Studio produces two in-house labels; Mtindo by Susan Namirimu and Vinn by Morgan Ginn. Both brands are centered around the iconic wrap dress--which we believe to be a universally loved style by women all across the world.



Mtindo Designs

Mtindo creates apparel for the modern Ugandan woman. Our products are designed by Ugandans for Ugandans. Mtindo products are made in Uganda at our Design Studio in Gulu, Uganda and we source our materials as local as possible.

Profits support Mtindo Academy--building up the future leaders of Uganda's fashion industry.



Vinn | Tailor Made

Vinn is designed by Morgan Ginn. Morgan's vision is to bring the tailored experience of a 'made in Uganda' garment to America. 100% of the supply chain is traced in Uganda, and every item is made in Mtindo Design Studio. Vinn is launching in the fall of 2021.


Both Mtindo and Vinn support education and employment for women in Uganda

Both brands are manufactured in our design studio--creating dignified employment opportunities for tailors in Uganda. Both Mtindo and Vinn allocate profits to support Mtindo Academy--empowering female youth in Uganda with the skills and confidence to find employment in the fashion industry.

Inviting More Women to the Table

Morgan and Susan initially created Mtindo Design Studio to develop their brands alongside one another. Today, they offer women across the globe the opportunity to manufacture apparel in an ethical and empowering way through their private label offering.

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